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Private Client Services

Working hand in hand with our clients, we offer comprehensive private client services on both a personal and business level, with a focus on long-term advice and solutions.

Focus areas

We advise our clients on the passing on of their personal assets, family business or real estate to family members or to an external party. Specifically with respect to the transfer of a business, we help our clients to strike the right balance between inheritance planning and retaining an element of control. For the structuring or transfer of real estate, our real estate and tax teams work as one single advisory team, so that very specific real estate matters are both structured from a tax perspective and receive the highest quality real estate law advice.

We advise corporate leaders, such as CEOs and other key corporate officers, on the legal and tax structuring of their personal and business interests. We assist with the implementing of management contracts, the incorporation of investment or holding companies, the establishment of an individual pension scheme, the legal and tax consequences of international mobility or migration, the drafting of stock-option schemes  and advise on the individual consequences related to selling or buying a business. 

Art planning involves various legal areas, such as insurance law, tax law, inheritance law and corporate law. We advise our clients with respect to the legal and tax structure or transfer of their art collection. Our art team provides various legal and tax services, such as guidance on the insurance law aspects related to the protection or transfer of an art collection, advice on copyright and intellectual rights, advice on gifts and donations to the next generation, advice on the donation of art objects to a foundation or to any other legal entity or partnership.