An energy contract cannot be considered as just another typical commercial agreement. It is of the utmost importance to pay adequate attention to the specificities and complexity of this type of commercial agreement.

We assist in the setting-up and revision of specific fully-fledged energy contracts. This is a key area of our Energy practice. We take into special consideration the latest regulatory developments and legal doctrine while setting up or reviewing your energy contract.

We offer our expertise in both regulated and commercial energy contracts.
On the regulated contracts side, this expertise includes (negotiation on) connection and access contracts, transit contracts or access responsibility contracts. Specific commercial energy contracts vary from gas and electricity supply general conditions and term sheets, to O&M/BOT contracts for energy projects and to high-standard energy contracts such as tolling agreements, wheeling agreements or DDCA agreements.

Finally, the traditional rights in rem, such as property titles, zoning, mortgages, site ownership (agreements), option agreements, building and planting rights agreements, site concession agreements, rental agreements, lease rights, servitude and passage rights are often also to be examined in the light of the specific energy project and in this regard we have the necessary capability.