Public procurement makes up a significant part of Belgium’s GDP. It is also a powerful policy instrument, steering innovation and opening up new markets. Given Belgium’s complex government structure, a multitude of bodies, agencies, enterprises and utilities are subject to European and Belgian procurement rules. These rules are  complex requiring in-depth and up-to-date know-how.

When it comes to public procurement, our public law practice is at the forefront of legal service providers in this area. We assist both government and private sector clients throughout the procurement process, by structuring and documenting procurements (e.g. drafting tender documents or reviewing offers), by advising on procurement or bidding strategies and assisting them during negotiations, by representing award authorities or bidders before the (administrative) courts, etc. We bring these skills to bear in various procurement sectors, such as transport, energy and utilities, ICT, HRM, infrastructure, financial services, etc.

We are also often asked to assess the impact of the public procurement regulations on different forms of market-related government action, including the creation of state enterprises, decentralization and outsourcing schemes, etc. Public procurement issues are also very often at the centre of legal question arising from PPP/PFI projects, including concession techniques such as BOO, BOT, DBFM(O) etc.

You can read more about our PPP/PFI skills in the Real Estate section.