Our Insurance & Reinsurance Team is one of the very few in Belgium that has experience in working for reinsurers and advising on captive structures. We often work together in this respect with our Corporate & Finance Department to work out security instruments for claims on captive reinsurers. Together with our Tax colleagues, we advise on the tax implications of captive schemes. We have also experience in advising insurers on how to secure their claims on captive reinsurers, especially in the context of the liquidation of a captive and the transfer of its business to a newly created reinsurance captive.

We are also one of the very few Belgian firms that has acted in reinsurance/retrocession disputes before the Belgian courts, in particular with respect to the interpretation of “as original” language in reinsurance/retrocession slips under Belgian law. Furthermore, we have experience of acting for UK, German and US reinsurers in reviewing and monitoring of claims handling conducted by leading local insurers of mass claims or very large insurance claims. We are used to speaking “the market’s language” and to organizing or participating in market meetings.