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01.03.19 The renewed renovation grant in Flanders

Real estate
March 1

The decree by the Flemish government dated 21 December 2018 regarding the establishment of compensation for costs incurred in the case of renovation or improvement of an existing residence or the construction of a new residence stipulates that the Flemish renovation grant and, starting on 1 June 2019, the Flemish home adaptation grant will be integrated into one joint renovation grant. 

Who can apply for the grant?

The application for a renovation grant can only be carried out by a natural person. The application is to be carried out either by the resident property owner or the landlord renting out the residence to a social renting agency over a period of at least nine years.

In the case of the landlord, there are no limitations with regards to the income or ownership of another residence. However, the resident property owner can only apply for a renovation grant when he or she is not in possession of another residence in full property on the date of application, unless the residence is considered to be unsuitable, while having been occupied by the resident.

The application should also be co-signed by the adult resident, who is also required to meet the standards with regards to income and ownership, except for resident (grand)children or (grand)parents who do not occupy the residence under any form of real right.

How much are you allowed to earn?

The income is important when it comes to the joint renovation grant, given that it determines the amount of the grant, as well as the application stipulations for the grant. As set out above, there are no restrictions for the landlord with regards to the income. There is a differentiated income threshold, based on family composition.





< EUR 31,340.00 + amount to be raised by EUR 3,510.00 per eligible dependant 

< EUR 43,870.00 + amount to be raised by EUR 3,510.00 per eligible dependant

Higher grant subject to flexible conditions.

> EUR 31,340.00 to EUR 43,870.00

> EUR 43,870.00 to EUR 62?670.00

Grant subject to stricter conditions


The above-mentioned amounts are valid for applications submitted in the year 2019 and are subject to yearly indexation. In the case of an application for a renovation grant in the year 2019, your total annual income for the year 2017 (fiscal year 2018) will be taken into account as reference. 

What kind of residence or building is eligible for a grant?

A renovation grant can be applied for in the realization of a new “grant residence” by reallocation or division, as well as the renovation of an existing grant residence. The residence should be situated in the Flemish region and should be at least 30 years old on the date of application.


Which works qualify for a grant?

The aim of the works is for the grant residence to at least meet the security standards, health standards and standard of living as set out in article 5 of the Flemish Living Code. They should concern one or more of the following four categories:

Category 1

The structural elements of the residence limited to the foundations, walls, floors and stairs.

Category 2

The roof

Category 3

The exterior cabinetwork, namely windows and the front door.

Category 4

Technical installations, namely electricity, sanitary and central heating


How much does the grant amount to?

The amount of the renovation grant is calculated based on a copy of the original invoices provided, in the name of the applicant (or the persons with whom he or she cohabits or the social renting agency). The invoice date cannot precede the date of the obtainment of the real right on the grant residence and cannot precede or follow the application date by 2 years.

The amount of the renovation grant is based on the category of the works, and amounts to 20% or 30% of the approved invoices, VAT excluded. Each category of the works requires an accepted cost of min. EUR 2500.00 necessary to calculate the grant.

Grant 30 %




Maximum amount of EUR 3,333.00 per category of works

Grant 30 %

resident property owner 

Income below the income threshold with a minimum grant of EUR 1,250.00 per category

Grant 20 %

resident property owner 

In all other cases with a maximum amount of EUR 2,500.00 per category 


How many applications are you allowed to submit?

The resident property owner, as well as the landlord are allowed to submit 2 applications for each grant residence over a 10-year period starting on the application date of the first-awarded application. A grant can be applied for only once over a 10-year period for each category of works.

Grant 30 % 

Landlord and Resident property owner

First application: free choice regarding the number of categories of works, without limitation

Second application: submission no later than 10 years following the first application for other works

Grant 20 % 

Resident property owner

First application: Applying for a maximum of two categories of works

Second application: between one and two years following the first application for other works 


The renovation grant paid out to the applicant for both applications over a 10-year period, can never exceed an amount of EUR 10,000.00


When and how can you apply for a grant?

The renovation grant can be applied for after completion and invoicing of the executed works. When applying as a resident property owner, you are to occupy the grant residence as main residence on the application date. When applying as a landlord, it is not possible to apply during the last three years of the current lease agreement entered into with the social renting agency.

Since 1 February 2019, the renovation grant can be applied for by means of an application form.

The Real Estate Team 

Wouter Neven • +32 2 787 90 82 •