Cold Eyes Review of your pending litigation and arbitration cases

With such situations in mind, Lydian’s Dispute Resolution team has developed a very specialized service called “Cold Eyes Review” to allow parties involved in Belgian litigation and arbitration to get an independent expert’s view on the handling of their case and an assessment of the strategy being followed. From the outset and this to guarantee the independence of our advice, we make clear that we are not looking to take over the handling of your case from your current lawyers, unless of course that you subsequently insist that we do.

For a pre-agreed fee, we will analyse all court documents and evidence material to provide our independent view on (i) the strength of your case,(ii) your legal strategy, (iii) the value of your evidence and the potential need for additional evidence and (iv) where advisable, alternative litigation strategies, including the avenues that may lead to settlement of your case. Our views will be written down in a very practical memo and discussed further during a meeting or a conference call.