Lydian’s IP team recognizes the value of creativity in the various forms of artistic expression. International trade in motion pictures, music, publishing, software and databases has grown steadily over the last number of years, and clients are looking for litigating skills and technical knowledge to assist them in fighting piracy and increasing their level of copyright protection worldwide.

Lydian’s IP team advises companies on copyright protection and represents them in enforcing their rights. The team identifies existing copyright material and identifies ways to generate added value for its clients’ businesses. In addition, the team assists its clients in negotiating and drafting legally-sound agreements for the creation, use and exploitation of copyright material or with copyright collecting societies.


The models and designs of devices and their packaging often determine a customer's choice. The imitation of creative products has increased significantly in recent years and has become a growing concern for designers.
Many designers see design protection as an insurance against anything that may affect or jeopardize their creations. Registration statistics show that design rights have become relevant for more and more industries: traditional design industries such as fashion and furniture have been joined by manufacturers of electronic devices, automobiles and hardware. This is partly due to the success of the Community Model.

Clients regularly call upon Lydian’s IP team to litigate, mediate and arbitrate disputes involving designs. On the other hand, the team assists its clients in drafting and negotiating agreements for the creation, distribution and licensing of designs.