International migration of highly skilled workers is on the rise, in several forms and for diverse reasons. Some employees intend to settle permanently in the host country, others migrate on a temporary basis either for short periods of a few days (business trips), for longer periods extending to several months or years or for short periods at frequent intervals. Some employees are transferred within multinational companies (intra-company transferees), others within the framework of an international project. A final category are those employees who work in two, most often neighbouring countries at the same time (so-called split employment).

We advise on the whole range of issues related to international mobility, including:

  • providing assistance with all administrative formalities: work permits, visas and residence permits, Limosa declarations, A1 forms;
  • labour law, tax and social security issues;
  • comparative calculations and tax and social security optimization;
  • drafting assignment letters, salary split agreements and expatriate policies;
  • terminating  assignments.