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Brexit - Belgium Hard Brexit Law - Energy

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The import of natural gas from the United Kingdom is secured.

Interconnector (UK) limited operates a pipeline, transporting natural gas from the UK to Belgium. These transboundary pipelines are called “interconnectors”.

In case of a ‘hard’ Brexit, Interconnector (UK) limited will lose its qualification as a EU interconnector, given the law that current Belgian legislation does not allow for gas transport through interconnectors between Belgium and third countries.

Under the law, Interconnector (UK) limited is explicitly but exceptionally recognized as an interconnector within the meaning of the Law of 12 April 1965 on the transport of gaseous products and others (Belgian Gas Law).

As a consequence, the following rules under the Belgian Gas Law shall continue to apply to Interconnector (UK) limited:

  • The certification with respect to third countries;
  • The tariff methodology, e.g. for the development, operation and maintenance of the interconnector;
  • The competence of the Belgian Federal Electricity and Gas Agency and the dispute settlement regulations.

An (implicit) authorization from the European Commission is needed to make the Interconnector (UK) limited accreditation enforceable.

No similar legislation is required for the electricity market, since current federal electricity legislation does not limit the concept of "interconnectors" to pipelines (or cables) transporting electricity between two member-states of the European Union. 

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