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Our approach

Lydian is a full-service Belgian business law firm with an Anglo-Saxon approach to practising law. Through a fine blend of transactional law expertise and litigation skills, we deliver straight to-the-point solutions that add true value. 

We listen to what is important and provide practical and personalised advice in a constantly changing world. That requires fresh thinking and tech savviness combined with proven experience. We believe that when knowledge travels, opportunities arise. We think client-focused, act fast and speak frankly in a language that you understand. We make sense, not nonsense. Expect accessible personalities, open minds and a pragmatic bullet point approach.

From our offices in Brussels, Antwerp and Hasselt, we work as an extension of your team. Our lawyers cherish a close client-lawyer relationship, while their sophisticated approach outperforms the service of many competitors. Lydian believes in integrity, authenticity and consistency.

Our mission is to find solutions through excellent legal insight and strong business instinct. That is how we exceed expectations, deliver consistent results and forge long-term relationships with industry leaders.

Our community

  • History

    Lydian's staff have been writing our story together, one day at a time, since 2001. Now employing 120 people, including 85 lawyers, especially in recent years we have carved out a reputation as a full-service, independent Belgian business law firm that stands out for its client-focused mindset. Lydian's story is all about seizing opportunities, tenacity and, above all, a flair for business. We're proud to share that story with you.

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  • Awards and rankings

    Every year Lydian is recognized by major Legal Directories such as Legal 500, Chambers, ILFR, Trends Legal Awards or WTR1000 for our achievements and performances both departmental and as a full-service law firm. Each year these awards are for us great achievements and motivate us to surpass ourselves and meet new challenges.

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  • International

    Our international strategy is founded on our independence. When we choose an overseas law firm to work on a project, we make a wholly independent assessment of the best lawyer for that piece of work. We are able to do this because we spend a lot of time on due diligence and relationship building with law firms (and lawyers) in key jurisdictions.

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Lydian is socially responsible both within and outside the firm. We believe that we have a responsibility, as corporate citizens, to help shape the future in a way that provides economic, ecological and social benefits for all. Our initiatives in the area of corporate responsibility are many and varied across our business, but in all our activities, we seek to behave in a way that consistently reinforces our business principles of (e)quality, unity and integrity.

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Lydian Alumni

We at Lydian want to maintain the best of relationships with those who have contributed to our success. We value our alumni both as talented professionals and people.

Therefore we want to offer the opportunity for all alumni to meet up again for enjoyable events, to experience the pleasure of unexpectedly meeting friends, and networking with a select group of former colleagues.

Please help you and us keep in touch with (ex-)colleagues at Lydian. Send your contact details to and you will be updated on future events.

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