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Rankings Insurance & Reinsurance

Legal 500

  • Insurance - Tier 1 (2024)

    "Lydian is and remains the absolute reference in Belgium when it comes to insurance law. It has proven and guaranteed expert advice in the drafting of our new general conditions, whereby Lydian managed to couple strong technical advice with very pragmatic and practical insights and improvement suggestions, based on a deep market knowledge and this within a pre-agreed and pre-set cost framework." - Legal 500 2024

    "The insurance team has a lot of experience. They work professionally, are easily accessible, provide pragmatic advice and put themselves in the context of their customer." - Legal 500 2024

    "Full-service company with an established insurance department which is well known in the Belgian market (and outside). I am using their services for a wide range of activities in Belgium and they manage to provide support on a wide variety of stuff, mainly insurance and regulatory questions, but also outside these focus areas." - Legal 500 2024

    "Technical knowledge is top of the market. Knowing business is top of the market. Using both together is unique in the market."- Legal 500 2024

    "Top insurance lawyers who have all the relevant skills needed."- Legal 500 2024

    "The insurance partners at Lydian have tremendous knowledge of the insurance market and all legal matters in this subject. They have superb associates working with them and with us. Good communication, high-speed returns and quality"- Legal 500 2024

    "Lydian has an outstanding reputation in insurance law and always delivers. As a multi-service firm they can provide excellent insurance advice and/or litigate matters in different insurance markets and industry sectors. Very good international network and always on top of new developments." - Legal 500 2024

Leaders League

  • Insurance - "Leading" (2024)