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Lydian hotline

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As General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Legal Counsel or Data Protection Officer (or potentially any support staff member), you are often confronted with situations that require immediate attention and assistance from external counsel.
Think about:

  • your organisation is the subject of an unannounced company visit by a supervisory authority a so-called ‘dawn raid’ by supervisory authorities (e.g., NBB, FSMA, Data Protection Authority, FAVV, FOD Economy,… ) and you need immediate (on premise) legal assistance;
  • through its whistleblowing channel, your organisation has been informed of serious allegations of fraud, which exposes your organisation to possible reputational and other damages and requires immediate assistance by external counsel on internal investigations;
  • your organisation has been the subject of a cyber-attack resulting in your organisation’s systems being down and/or its operations seriously hampered and you need external counsel to provide breach response services; or
  • your organisation suffered a data breach, which must be notified to the data protection supervisory authorities within 72 hours and must possibly also be communicated to the data subjects.

Call the Lydian Hotline. The Lydian Hotline is a professionally run 24/7/365 hotline that can be called by (prospect) clients and that ensures that you receive immediate assistance from Lydian. 

The Lydian Hotline is outsourced to a professional call centre operator subject to strict SLAs and ensures that you will be contacted immediately by one of the partners of the firm, who will be able to further assist you with his/her team.

Do you want to know more about how you can prepare yourself for an unexpected visit by one of the authorities? 

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