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Lydian Webinar: "Distribution Contracts"

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Looking to commercialize a new service or product on the Belgian market? Or perhaps you want to expand or reorganize your distribution network in Belgium? But what distribution channel would suit your company the most and what are the legal consequences? Are there specific obligations to bear in mind prior to signing a distribution agreement? Can you continue distributing your products and services directly to customers even if you attributed exclusivity to a commercial agent or distributor in that territory? And what costs or indemnities could be due if you want to stop distribution in Belgium or continue it through a different distribution model?

During our interactive webinar ‘Distribution Contracts’ on 2 March 2021, such questions were addressed based on our recent experiences. Our panel of speakers guided you through the key characteristics of the main distribution formulas (via third parties) and the applicable specific (and protective) legislation that should be taken into consideration.