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Lexology GTDT - Distribution & Agency 2023 - Belgium

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Our lawyers Sandra Lodewijckx, Yves Lenders and Pauline Hellemans contributed to the Belgian chapter of the Lexology GTDT: Distribution & Agency 2023 - Belgium

This quick reference guide enables side-by-side comparison of local insights, including into ownership structure and tax considerations for foreign suppliers in a direct distribution model; models involving local distributors, commercial agents and other representatives, including the general framework, rights of contract termination, and the transfer of rights of ownership; regulation of distribution relationships, including issues such as confidentiality, distribution of competing products, pricing, online sales and parallel imports; governing law and dispute resolution mechanisms; and recent trends.

GTDT Practice Guides provide topical analysis of key trends, opportunities, challenges and risks representing significant regional interest or concern across a range of industries and work areas. Updated annually, the Practice Guides present accessible insight into those issues transcending geographical borders and impacting strategic decision making at an international level.