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The new European threshold amounts have arrived!

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As expected, the European Commission delegated regulations Nos 2021/1950, 2021/1951, 2021/1952 and 2021/1953 relating to the new threshold amounts for the publication of European public contacts were published on November 11, 2021. 

These new thresholds apply to tenders and concessions published on or after January 1, 2022 and will be in force for two years (2022-2023).

Here is a list of the most important thresholds:

  Old threshold (in EUR, excl. VAT) New threshold (in EUR, excl. VAT)
Public work contracts and concessions  5,350,000 5,382,000
Public supply and service contracts – classic sectors 214,000 215,000
Public supply and service contacts placed by certain federal authorities 139,000 140,000
Public supply and service contracts – special sectors 428,000 431,000

After a limited decrease in 2020, these thresholds are now being slightly increased.

However, it is now necessary to await the revision of the above-mentioned thresholds in Belgian law. The competent minister will therefore have to adopt a ministerial decree to amend the various royal decrees implementing the public procurement regulations. As usual, this ministerial decree will probably not be published before the end of December.