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Lydian Facilitates Steelcase's Strategic Partnership with Vanerum

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Lydian is delighted to have played a pivotal role in a significant milestone for Steelcase, the renowned American office furniture company. Steelcase has successfully entered into a strategic partnership with the Vanerum-group, a Diest-based manufacturer and distributor of products and solutions for classrooms and offices, by acquiring a minority stake in i3-Group Holding NV, the holding company of the Vanerum-group and a distribution agreement with a subsidiary which mainly focusses on integrated solutions to be used in meeting rooms and class rooms in which technology and ergonomic infrastructure are combined.

This partnership focusses specifically on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Aligned with Steelcase's commitment to diversify its market presence, this collaboration underscores the company’s keen interest in the education domain. The partnership envisions establishing joint showrooms, implementing comprehensive training programs, and strategically utilizing Steelcase's extensive distribution channels. The overarching objective is to double the revenue generated from school furniture within the next 3-4 years.

Lydian’s team, led by Maxime Colle and including Louise Berrier and Maxine Daems, played a crucial role in navigating the legal intricacies of this partnership.

This collaboration marks an exciting chapter for both Steelcase and Vanerum as they embark on a transformative journey in the realm of education furniture.

For further information related to the services provided, please contact Maxime Colle.

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