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Ports and Logistics

In the global economy, logistics is the secret to opening markets, satisfying customers and creating sustainable supply chains. At Lydian, we unveil the secrets with you.

Focus areas

At the heart of any port project is the need for a reliable revenue stream. Revenue may derive from:

  • agreements with shipping lines and other port users (such as raw material or finished goods exporting industries) for the use of port facilities;
  • dedicated terminals for a particular industry such as oil and gas, LNG or other natural resources, containers or cruise and ferry.

Assessing the quality of revenue stream requires, inter alia, an expert analysis of the particular contractual obligations. In order to secure this continuous revenue stream, we help our clients build a stable organisation to face challenges. On all levels, from shareholding to management over operational matters, for the short and long term, Lydian makes sure the appropriate legal arrangements are in place.

Our team has experience dealing with all the key aspects in port development including:

  • greenfield experience – advising on the design and construction stages;
  • investment experience – advising on concession agreements, acquisitions and disposals, joint venture arrangements, financing needs (both debt and equity), shareholder agreements;
  • operational experience – dealing with handling conditions, environmental and insurance issues, providing commercial support, assisting with standardised terminal documents;
  • acquisitions and disposals – advising buyers, sellers, financiers and others involved in acquisitions and disposals of ports and terminals and related operations.

Lydian’s Ports & Logistics team can provide you with useful and pragmatic advice, tailored to the specific needs of your company and to the requirements of the specific project.

Our services include:

  • drafting logistics contracts and warehousing agreements;
  • setting up logistics structures and legal risk assessments;
  • advice on multimodal transport agreements, transport contracts, charter parties and ship finance;
  • due diligence of insurance portfolios;
  • corporate and other transactions in the port, logistics and shipping sectors;
  • dispute resolution and arbitration.

Our team proactively advises in durable set ups to limit the risk of disputes and to put in place swift and reactive remedies if disputes arise.