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Lydian & ACC Webinar : "Commercial conflict resolution" - 6 May 2021

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After the success of our last webinar on contractual risk assessment, Lydian and the Association of Corporate Counsel Europe (ACC Europe) hosted today a new webinar focusing on commercial conflict resolution. 

Legal counsels are nowadays trying by all means to avoid long and expensive court proceedings and to rely on alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, arbitration or a binding third party decision. After all, their aim (and duty) is to settle commercial disputes in the most cost efficient way and in the interest of the business, often also securing the commercial relationship.

This interactive webinar provided you with useful tools and tips to choose the appropriate dispute resolution method for your commercial conflict taking into account recent developments in court proceedings (e.g. focus in Belgium on mediation and initiatives to establish a Brussels International Business Court), as well as (international) arbitration and by comparing the venue, applicable law, cost and expenses, (arbitration) rules, language, duration, … of each method.

Many thanks to all our participants and our speakers Annick Mottet Haugaard, Jo Willems, Marijn De Ruysscher, Geneviève Bérubé & Bruno Jean-Etienne!