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Lydian assists start-up 'ImmoTokens' in revolutionary issue of real estate tokens.

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The Real Estate team of Lydian is proud to have assisted the Ghent start-up 'ImmoTokens' in the launch of its ground-breaking project which gives investors the possibility to purchase digital tokens relating to a real estate project. In doing so, ImmoTokens makes use of blockchain technology, a distributed and decentralised database, which gives customers the possibility to carry out legally sound transactions digitally. 

Through tokenisation, it is possible to make the rather illiquid real estate market more accessible to the average investor. Through tokenisation, real estate is virtually divided up, which makes it possible to invest in real estate for very low amounts. Not only does this make investing in real estate more attractive, it also allows investors to trade real estate faster and cheaper. As an investor, one does not have to invest his or her money in one real estate project anymore. As an investor it becomes easier to diversify your real estate portfolio by investing in office buildings, retail, residential complexes, care real estate, etc. and this throughout all of Belgium.  

The issuance of tokens is legally comparable to the issuance of real estate certificates. Immotokens is a legal entity that holds one or more real estate projects and then issues tokenised debt instruments per project or real estate. The investor thus becomes the economic owner of the property and has a right to a pro rata return in the form of rental income or proceeds from a sale. The yield of the real estate tokens is therefore dependent on the revenues of that particular property for which the tokens are issued.  

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the Real Estate team of Lydian has assisted ImmoTokens in drawing up all the documents for the launch of this pioneering project for Belgium. The project was launched yesterday and can be consulted via

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