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Lydian Webinar: "Cloud Contracts – Key Issues"

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During the last couple of years, we have witnessed the replacement of ‘classic’ tailor-made IT outsourcing arrangements with a sole service provider by a multitude of smaller contracts with specialist cloud service providers in a multi-sourcing strategy. Such contracts usually consist of a so-called standard ‘subscription agreement’, which in turn refers to general terms and conditions and a variety of other contractual documents (SLAs, Product/Service Descriptions, Security Schedules, etc.). In addition, room for negotiation is often limited. As legal counsel or IT procurement specialist, you will often be asked to review and comment this type of agreements. Preparing a complete mark-up of the agreement and all other contractual documents is a recipe for disaster. So, what issues to look out for? What to concentrate on?

During this webinar, we have provided you with some practical tips and tricks on how to review and assess cloud contracts, concentrating on the key issues from a customer c.q. service recipient point-of-view.


Rewatch here our webinar: