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Lydian Webinar "The management company - A last resort and/or wealth planning tool ?"

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The management company is still a popular tool for individuals with higher professional incomes to organize their activities in order to reduce tax pressure. Not only are social charges lower for the self-employed than for employees, but tax rates for companies are significantly more advantageous than those applying to individuals.

The tax reforms announced in 2022 seem to target the management company. But what are the opportunities of the management company today? What are the costs and formalities involved in its creation? What is the tax cost of distributing income from the management company to private persons? Can the management company also be a wealth planning tool? What about the social status of the natural person? Is there a risk of false self-employment?

The recently reformed company law also raises questions about the most appropriate company form and the liability of the director.

During today's webinar, our speakers Kato Aerts, Florence Colpaert and Anja Van de Velde provided a practice-oriented overview of the elements you should take into account when setting up and working with a management company. Using concrete examples, we provided answers to your most pressing questions so that you can do business through your management company in full knowledge of the facts.

Many thanks to all participants!

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