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Lydian Webinar "The NFT revolution : what are the IP implications and risks ?" - 23 June 2022

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NFT is the new technological hype. Anything that can de digitized can indeed be turned into an NFT. There is a growing interest in NFT notably from a copyright perspective since lot of works are being traded as NFTs and sold at very expensive prices. The art market is off course not the sole market concerned by NFT.

Brand owners have also to face some IP questions when their trademarks are used without their consent in NFT or in the virtual world but also when they decide to operate in the metaverse.

As announced in our ezine in March, at the occasion of the Brafa Art Fair, Lydian’s IP team will discuss some IP issues raise by the explosion of the NFTs and metaverse space.

  • What is an NFT ?
  • If you purchase an NFT, what do you purchase exactly ? Do you purchase only metadata, the work itself or both ?
  • If you create an NFT based on an art work or reproducing a trademark, is there a risk of IP infringement ?
  • As a trademark owner is your brand enough protected in the virtual world ? 



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  • Olivia Santantonio

    Olivia Santantonio

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