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Telehomework: monthly registration requirement for employers as of 1 April 2021

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In order to be able to better monitor the mandatory telehomework, a monthly registration requirement for employers has been introduced. 


All employers (except for companies that are mandatory closed) have to enter the following two figures through an electronic registration system: 

  • the total number of employees per establishment (for example each shop of a retail company) on the first working day of the month; and
  • the number of employees therein holding a function that is not eligible for telehomework. This is any function that, by its nature, must be performed on site (e.g. blue-collar workers, cleaning staff, reception staff, administrative staff who cannot perform their duties from home). People who are exceptionally present because they have to, for example, collect materials, print out certain documents or hold evaluation interviews can justify this and are not included in the number of non-teleworkable positions. The same applies to board members and persons belonging to the line management (e.g. foremen, team leaders, …). 

Please note: the term employees is interpreted broadly. It also includes temporary workers and personnel who structurally perform work in the company (such as security personnel, subcontractors, etc.). In addition, self-employed persons who carry out structural work (consultants, partners) must also be included. 


The electronic registration system is provided by the National Social Security Office. The declaration must be made by means of e-ID, Itsme or other technical possibilities offered by the CSAM access system. 

See here : in Dutch or in French


The registration for the month of April must be done on 6 April 2021 at the latest. For the following months, the registration must be done at the latest on the sixth calendar day of each month.