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Collective Dismissals

In our podcast's 8th episode, we delve into the rules governing collective dismissals in Belgium, featuring Kato Aerts, our podcast host and Employment Partner, alongside Estelle Renard, Counsel in our Employment team.

During this episode we will discuss the definition of a collective dismissal, the rules to be observed in the event of a collective dismissal and possible pitfalls in this respect. Between January and March 2024 alone, 16 collective dismissals were announced, potentially affecting a total of more than 2.500 employees. Some of these announcements caused quite a stir in the press, reminding us once again that this is still a topical issue. Whether you're an HR professional, or a manager, this episode offers valuable guidance on navigating the complexities of collective dismissals. Tune in to gain practical insights for learning key items in this respect.

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