In today’s business environment, businesses focus on leveraging external capacities, competences, knowledge and skills. The rapid expansion of information technology and logistics networks has accelerated the growth of outsourcing. As a consequence, more strategic processes are being outsourced.

Lydian’s ICT team advises suppliers as well as corporate customers in a broad range of industry sectors throughout the lifecycle of an outsourcing relationship, from the initial structuring of the project through the procurement process to contract negotiation, transition and implementation. We also advise on contract management issues during steady state and on second generation outsourcing, insourcing and exit planning. Our expertise encompasses Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in various delivery models including on-shore, nearshoring and offshoring.

In the field of ITO, our core competencies include data center outsourcing, application management outsourcing, network/communications outsourcing and workplace/helpdesk outsourcing. In the field of BPO, we advise on, amongst others, facility management outsourcing, logistics outsourcing, human resources outsourcing, call center outsourcing and finance and accounting outsourcing, often coupled with important technology (platform) developments and/or process redesign projects.

Lydian’s ICT team has deep industry experience in a wide range of sectors, allowing us to provide clear, actionable and hands-on advice, innovative solutions and market leading know-how. Our ICT specialists quickly understand the key commercial drivers behind the project and provide solutions to address the typical concerns in the outsourcing process, including with respect to service levels, liability, benchmarking, governance, business continuity and exit management.

Lydian’s integrated team combining expertise in employment, tax, corporate, regulation and data protection (privacy) provides 360° legal coverage of your outsourcing project.

We also have experience in handling outsourcing disputes via (court) litigation, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution (ADR).