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Lydian & Stadim Webinar "Unlocking investment potential in ESG-focused Real Estate development"

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Our panel of speakers, Dario Petosa, Kyoto Van Herreweghe, Adil AuraghiAndré Stolk, Diederik Sondervan and Michael Peeters shared their expertise and practical insights. They also provided actionable strategies to integrate ESG principles into the real estate portfolio. 

Following topics were also covered in detail:

  • What specific characteristics should a new building possess for a real estate developer to ensure it qualifies as "environmentally sustainable" under the EU Taxonomy regulation?
  • What key features should a real estate developer prioritize when renovating a building to ensure it meets the requirements of the EU Taxonomy regulation?
  • How can real estate investors determine which companies are obligated to report under the EU Taxonomy, in order to conduct a more thorough investigation into the sustainability of a potential investment?
  • How can real estate investors effectively read and interpret EU Taxonomy template reports to assess the level of sustainability of real estate to compare possible investments and make informed decisions?

Many thanks to all participants and to Stadim for the great collaboration!
Please feel free to contact our speakers with any specific questions you may have.