Trademarks protect the goodwill a company has built up in its brands and ensure consumers of consistent quality standards. The business value of strong brands cannot be underestimated.

Lydian’s IP team has extensive experience of advising companies on product innovation and marketing issues related notably to trademarks.

The team can assist you in drafting agreements, including license, co-existence and settlement agreements, along with providing you with strategic guidance in trademark litigation. Lydian’s IP team routinely handles precedent-setting trademark litigation cases, including cases of infringement and improperly registered or unused rival trademarks.


More and more industries use patents as a protective shield in their ongoing drive to obtain or maintain a technological advance on their competitors.
R&D activities and innovation have an increasing global impact and companies try to value their immaterial assets on a larger scale. The trade in patents has grown steadily over the last few years.

Lydian’s IP team regularly assists its clients with respect to the transfer, licensing and enforcement of their patent rights.

This includes both advisory work on the protection and exploitation of patent rights and domestic and multi-jurisdictional patent litigation relating to eligibility for patent protection and patent infringement.