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The Lydian series: The (new) evidence law applied to the insurance sector

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In matters of claims and insurance, it will often be necessary to provide evidence of facts or legal acts, with application of Belgian evidence law. This evidence law has recently been amended, with some significant innovations.

The evidence law will, in fact, play an important role in proving claims and the (non-)liability of the insured. Very often, not enough attention is paid to the great importance of this question, with adverse consequences in litigation to obtain compensation or reparation. How can you provide evidence and what are the advantages and disadvantages ? The evidence law will also play a role in proving the existence and content of your insurance contract (B2B and B2C), but also, for example, in the context of pre-contractual information duties and professional liability. In view of the ever-increasing internationalization of trade, it is also useful to discuss the international context of evidence and evidence law, applied to international insurance claims and disputes.

In this series of three webinars, the essentials of the (new) Belgian evidence law will be discussed, applied to the insurance context. As far as the international context is concerned, Lydian will also invite foreign specialized lawyers from its network to participate in the presentation.

Webinar III: Evidence law and insurance in an international context

27 April 2021
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Following our very well-attended webinars of 23 February and 23 March 2021 on the Belgian law evidence rules in liability and insurance disputes and regarding insurance contracts, we cross more borders for our final webinar in this series on 27 April 2021.

First, Lydian will briefly discuss the judgment of the EU Court of Justice C-803/18 of 27 February 2020 on jurisdiction clauses in collective insurance contracts, as well as the possibility for Belgian courts to order expert opinions in disputes where the Belgian court does not have jurisdiction on the merits.

Our international guests, lawyers Marit van der Pool of Kennedy Van der Laan and Isabelle Deloison of Da Ros & Associés, will afterwards discuss similarities and differences between the Dutch and the French legal system on the one hand and the Belgian legal system on the other hand. 

It promises to be a very fascinating webinar and we hope for a very large audience!


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