One of the key goals of the welfare state is the provision of public infrastructure. This infrastructure supports almost every aspect of (public) life, most importantly market activity, social cohesion and redistribution of wealth.

We assist government in creating, managing and optimizing various types of public infrastructure, such as transport infrastructure (on land, over water and in the air), housing, schools, culture, utilities, waste management, sports and leisure, administrative centres, police and fire stations and prisons. We have, for example, gained in-depth expertise in (urban) regeneration as well as (brownfield and blackpoint) redevelopment projects.

We also advise private sector clients (sponsors or financiers) in setting up public-private cooperation (PPP) and PFI schemes with government for the joint realization of (public) infrastructure projects (including, for example,  BOT, BOO, DBFM). In this respect, we often deal with questions about private use of the public domain (concessions, rights in rem, etc.) as well as with structures for (intergovernmental cooperation on) public domain management and development.