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Focus areas

Healthcare providers such as hospitals, nursing homes and medical research centres face constant regulatory and management challenges.

Lydian assists institutional clients with all aspects of hospital regulation: certification, programming, networking, doctor-patient relations. We support individual practitioners: doctors, dentists, nurses, paramedics and pharmacists. We represent clients in litigation before the Council of State and act for interest groups and professional organisations before the Constitutional Court, Parliament and other lawmakers.

Healthcare professionals must comply with various legal and disciplinary rules and obligations.

Lydian represents clients in all phases of government proceedings and disciplinary actions, before both specific bodies in the Belgian National Health Service and councils of physicians/pharmacists. We use our vast knowledge and experience to help you address healthcare compliance issues and advise on your response when disputes of healthcare fraud or abuse arise.

We also have a special focus on HR in the healthcare sector, specifically:

We have a special focus on HR in the health care sector:employment relationships between healthcare professionals and their employers, work time schedules, employment conditions, liability cases and all HR related issues.

All employers have a legal duty to protect employees’ health and safety at work.

Lydian shares best practice know-how with employers on providing employees with a psychologically safe working environment.

We help companies to comply with OHS regulations and assist in drafting and implementing health policies (alcohol and drugs at work, stress, bullying, harassment).

We advise on health-related issues:

  • absenteeism and disability management;
  • medical compliance;
  • control medicine;
  • reintegration of disabled employees;
  • liability for damage/accidents at work;
  • termination and disability;
  • medical file and privacy management;
  • legal position of prevention consultants.

We provide support to external health services on the legal position of their prevention experts/consultants, liability for damage/accidents, medical compliance, and screening of collaboration relationships with companies.

Are you an insurance or a mutual company?

Lydian can:

  • advise you on the compliance of your general conditions with the legislative and regulatory provisions that apply to life and non-life insurance, including non-discrimination;
  • assist you regarding general compliance and corporate governance;
  • develop and advise on new insurance products;
  • assist and represent you in court expertise and in court litigation.

Are you a healthcare professional?

Lydian can:

  • advise you regarding policy conditions of various insurance contracts;
  • assist and represent you in all matters of medical liability and insurance.