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Telework no longer mandatory, but strongly recommended

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Earlier today (24 June 2021), the amendment to the Ministerial Decree of 28 October 2020 on urgent measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 was published in the Belgian Official Gazette. 

As of 27 June 2021, the following rules apply:

  • Telework is no longer mandatory, but strongly recommended in all companies, regardless of size, for all staff whose job lends itself to it.
  • Telework is carried out in accordance with existing collective bargaining agreements and policies. Employers must therefore have rules in place that implement CLA no. 149 (COVID-19 telework) or CLA no. 85 (structural telework). 
  • The monthly registration obligation with the NSSO is abolished. 
  • The possibility of organising so-called “return moments” is no longer provided for.
  • Employers must ensure that they timely take appropriate preventive measures to guarantee compliance with the rules of social distancing and provide a maximum level of protection at the workplace. Reference continues to be made to the Generic Guide to Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 at Work and the Guides issued at industry level.