Government budgets are both instruments of public policy and accountability. They play a key role in any form of government action and are therefore subject to various types of control (such as audit and parliamentary approval).

We advise all levels of government on both the European and national legal framework for public budgeting and finances. We have extensive knowledge of Eurostat’s SAC95 rules for public accounting as well as state aid matters and budget control mechanisms, such as those of the Financial Inspection Agency, the Court of Auditors, budget review commissions, etc. We also help government in structuring the financial aspects of its various services and projects, including setting up public enterprises or agencies and initializing PPP/PFI projects as well as following up on the financial aspects of management contracts with decentralized bodies and agencies.

We assist our clients in the private sector to obtain and manage government grants, subsidies, guarantees or investments for their (non-profit/market) activities. We also advise them on (financial) risk allocation in PPP/PFI projects or under subsidy contracts, grants or guarantees as well as on the financial reliability of government bodies and agencies they do business with.