Public services are at the heart of government action today. Government is no monolithic structure, but a network of bodies and agencies. These are organized in various forms, often with varying degrees of autonomy or even as a fully decentralized power. A specific category amongst these decentralized bodies is the government-held enterprise, often competing on open markets or, in some cases, enjoying a legal or economic monopoly.

We advise these public services and government-held enterprises as well as their private counterparts on the former’s organization, governance, operations (including HRM) and accountability. We have gained extensive know-how of the different legal structures underlying federal, regional and local decentralized or autonomous bodies and agencies. We assist them in their relations with central government (management contracts, benchmarking, monitoring and auditing) and with their clients (law of public service: changeability, continuity, equal right of access), in their housekeeping (boards, delegation of power, investment decisions, HRM) and in their operations (liability, cooperation and joint ventures, restructuring, project finance, etc.). We also advise them on their relations with national and European supervisors, advisory boards, auditors, etc.