From the start of the liberalization of the energy markets in the 1990s, the European Union placed a strong focus on the need for adequate market regulation. Due to this recent opening process in sectors such as the electricity and gas markets, (future) players in the Belgian energy market face a wide variety of regulatory  challenges.

These energy-specific regulatory issues include production and supply licensing obligations, concession demands, price control mechanisms and tariff questions, market access, (green) subsidy mechanisms, public service obligations, and tax issues.

Lydian offers the right answers to your questions: we combine specific knowledge and expertise in both domains of regulatory and energy law with a seamless and integrated collaboration with the rest of our team. Due to our on-going experience of working together with or against the different regulators, government authorities or grid operators, we can offer practical andmarket practice solution. Our practice, assisting private market players as well as public bodies, is one of the few in Belgium to do so.

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