Our public law practice focuses on public economic law. In Belgium’s negotiated economy, public authorities not only seek to regulate the market, but often try to steer or shape it, for example, through developing own market activities.

This results in a complex and dense network of different kinds of government bodies and agencies, with different levels of autonomy, spread out over several layers of government (federal, regional, local), subject to different sets of regulations and interacting with each other and with market participants and society as a whole.

A profound knowledge of public and administrative (economic) law as well as an understanding of the main drivers in the public sector are therefore key to any successful activity on the Belgian market.

We assist both government and private clients in all aspects of public economic law, ranging from public procurement and PPP/PFI, to the organization and operation of public services and enterprises, including decentralization and outsourcing, and to questions on budget law, public domain, subsidies and investments. An overview of our services can be found here below.

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