Human capital is one of the main assets of the public service. In the continued pursuit of improved and more efficient services, the recruitment, management and assessment of an ever more qualified workforce is key to the success of the work of any public body or agency.

Thanks to the shared knowledge built-up by our public law and employment law practices, we are one of the leaders in public sector employment law on the Belgian market, combining in-depth knowledge of current practice with widely recognized academic skills and credentials.

We help local and Federal government by assisting them in drafting, revising and negotiating their civil servants’ and contractual workers’ administrative and pecuniary statutes and regulations.

We advise public employers on adapting the legal position of their workforce following decentralization, restructuring, outsourcing or job pooling.

We also offer them a wide range of legal HRM services (covering areas such as recruitment, promotion, disciplinary measures, leave, use of languages, pensions, etc.).

Finally, we assist several public bodies and agencies in finding HRM solutions when entering into joint ventures, concession contracts, PPP/PFI projects, etc.

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