Employment law is fast-changing. Meeting your obligations as an employer and recruiting, retaining and managing the right people, has never been more critical. Non-compliance with the diverse and complex rules an employer has to respect can be expensive, in financial and reputational terms.

Lydian guides you through all areas of employment law. The Employment Law Team specialises in:

  • employment law aspects of all corporate transactions including transfer of undertakings, redundancies and dismissals;
  • service agreements, contracts of employment and work rules handbooks;
  • employment policies ranging from business conduct, the use of company cars, promotion of diversity and non-discrimination to policies against sexual harassment, bullying and violence at work;
  • boardroom disputes and severance claims;
  • employment litigation before the Labour tribunals;
  • collective issues such as information obligations towards the (European) works council;
  • general employment issues ranging from remuneration schemes to general contractual issues.