That central management functions properly is a prerequisite for a company to achieve excellent financial results. Senior executives fulfill a central role within the organization and give rise to special concerns in terms of corporate governance. Lydian helps companies retain key management personnel through devising cost-effective and motivating remuneration packages as well as structuring their professional relationship with the employer. 

Lydian has set up a team of specialists who can give expert advice on:

  • streamlining the management structure;
  • corporate governance rules;
  • director’s and officers liability insurances;
  • drafting management agreements and contracts of employment;
  • the tax and social security status of directors, self-employed managers and employees;
  • the most effective remuneration tools to attract, retain and motivate  managers and key personnel;
  • how to safeguard the company’s know-how;
  • exit strategy and, if needed, dispute resolution support.