Clearly, efficient management of a real estate investment will add significantly to its value and the returns from it.

We have a justifiably strong reputation for acting for landlords, tenants and other occupiers of offices and other types of real estate. This reputation is based on our ensuring that we have a thorough understanding of our clients' reasons for wanting the relevant property and the use the client intends to make of it.

In addition to the usual title and other due diligence enquiries, we are particularly concerned to ensure that provisions which have, or may have, a significant impact on the financial obligations of our clients are fully understood and negotiated.

We advise clients on all aspects of their corporate real estate strategy.
In particular, we can help with:

  • conducting a real estate audit to review their real estate holdings;
  • developing a strategic real estate plan which will free up management time and deliver real value to the shareholders;
  • implementing that plan, whether it involves disposals, sale and leasebacks, securitisation or outsourcing.