Fire, explosions and major accidents pose particular threats for businesses and companies and often threaten their very survival. The need for the right skilled and experienced legal representation in these crisis situations is undeniable.

Lawyers of Lydian’s Dispute Resolution team have been involved in providing legal support with respect to many, if not all, of the major accidents in Belgium over the past 20 years. They have therefore not only gained impressive experience and practical know-how but have also built a strong domestic and international multidisciplinary network of adjusters, experts, bailiffs, insurance specialists and other law firms who can be contacted on a 24/7 basis.

Coupled with our leading position in the Reinsurance and Insurance market in Belgium, this makes us particularly well placed to support anyone facing such an emergency situation with the best possible legal assistance.

In acknowledgement of the fact that emergencies can arise at any time and that time is often of the essence in handling a crisis, you will find on our website in the CV’s of the Partners of our Dispute Resolution practice their mobile phone numbers so that they can be contacted at any moment you need them.