As an alternative to court litigation or arbitration, mediation may offer a costefficient and economic way to resolve a dispute.

Mediation aims at resolving disputes in a satisfactory and mutually advantageous manner by focusing on the parties’ interests and commercial objectives. It has the great advantage that the parties remain in charge. Unlike court litigation or arbitration neither a judge nor an arbitrator will determine the outcome, but the parties themselves, with the assistance of a mediator.

The mediator often restores broken lines of communication between the parties and facilitates dialogue with a view to entering into a settlement. Mediation proceedings allow considerations other than those of a strictly legal nature to be taken into account.

Our commercial lawyers are familiar with mediation and a number of them have followed special training to act as mediators.

As we invest in seeking the best strategy for the client to meet its business needs, we can also assist clients in other ways of alternative dispute resolution such as third party adjudication, mini-trials and negotiations.